The downside of type inference

19-04-2018 130 Comments

  In one of his vibrant pleas to promote Literate Programming, Donald Knuth observed that code is only written once, but read many times (not entirely true, since code under maintenance is under constant refactoring, continuously written and rewritten, but... Read More

Shifting battlegrounds

26-09-2017 1,372 Comments

It is no secret, no mystery: I just love garbage collectors. They have saved me from my own failings over and over again,. They are the single most potent contribution to the quality of the software I develop in this... Read More

The DSL Misunderstanding

12-07-2017 247 Comments

I never thought I’d ever write a blog entry with a title that would sound appropriate for an episode of The BigBang Theory. Life is full of surprises. When working in IT, Domain-Specific Languages (AKA DSL’s) are everywhere, but there... Read More

More Code Haikus

12-01-2017 403 Comments

Just in case you wondered, my colleague Jean-Eric Waroquier is the greatest guy ever. He is sweet, easy going, always willing to help and insanely smart, the best colleague one can ever dream of. And the anecdote below won’t change... Read More

ERTMS Formal Specs: The End of a Long Journey

02-01-2017 109 Comments

We hear more about bombastic projects starting than about their successful conclusions (which is understandable: there are far more of the former than of the latter, and people barely brag about how great their failures are. That’s a shame: it... Read More

A Yellow Submarine Goes to Edmonton

29-09-2016 331 Comments

Lecture in the University of Edmonton: Getting ready for the lecture In the cab towards University of Edmonton: traffic isn’t too bad On the Campus: as you can see, it is gorgeous! Relaxing after the lecture It is still early... Read More

Legacy Systems: The VHS Timescale

29-07-2016 203 Comments

The last standing manufacturer of VHS video recorders has announced that production was to be discontinued. “Finally” I hear you sigh! The technology has been around since 1976, and could have been considered obsolete as early as 1996, when the... Read More

A Codeaholic’s Book

15-07-2016 406 Comments

The Banana Book was half completed when I started wondering how to render it. At that point, and mainly by default, I had used Microsoft Word for text entry, because it is versatile and convenient, and because it includes a... Read More