What Matters is Not the Code you Write

06-07-2016 118 Comments

Code has become fashionable again. The Agile movement goes so far as claiming that it is the sole deliverable of any value. I could agree to an extent, but to an extent only, and that’s the whole point: such simplistic... Read More

My Name is Darius and I am a Codeaholic

30-06-2016 1,689 Comments

For a long time, the tentative title for The Banana Book was “My name is Darius and I am a codeaholic”. I changed it when I realized that it conveyed a more essential message, namely one of failure of recipes,... Read More

Turbulence Leprechauns

24-06-2016 127 Comments

Turbulence Leprechauns Turbulence that turns an airplane ride into a nauseating rollercoaster is not a mere meteorological event, caused by the sun, warming oceans and other large scale natural phenomena. You may have been fooled into believing any of this... Read More